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Enhance Your Real Estate Profits with TAM Accounting's Advanced Tax Strategies 

In the intricate realm of real estate investing, strategic tax planning is a critical differentiator that can substantially boost your profitability. TAM Accounting, backed by a team of IRS-enrolled agents and certified tax coaches, delivers a suite of advanced real estate tax strategies, helping you maximize your investment returns.

Our extensive expertise in real estate taxation enables us to adeptly navigate state and federal tax laws, aiming to optimize your tax benefits, reduce your tax liability, and ultimately enhance your return on investment.

Our specialized services include:

  1. Strategic Tax Planning: We devise comprehensive tax strategies customized to your specific real estate transactions. From property acquisition and management to disposition, we deliver strategic advice to ensure maximum tax efficiency.

  2. Property Type Analysis: With diverse property types carrying distinct tax implications, our guidance helps you understand and leverage these variations for improved tax outcomes.

  3. 1031 Exchanges: Our proficiency extends to facilitating tax-deferred exchanges, allowing you to reinvest the gains from your real estate sales without immediate tax consequences.

  4. Depreciation and Cost Segregation: We guide you in employing depreciation rules, including cost segregation strategies, to considerably reduce your taxable income over time.

  5. Passive Activity Loss Rules: We assist you in understanding and utilizing passive activity loss rules, potentially offering substantial tax benefits for real estate investors.

  6. Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Taxation: We provide insights into REIT taxation and assist you in assessing whether this investment approach aligns with your tax strategy.

  7. Section 121 Exclusion: If you're selling your primary residence, we can help you leverage Section 121 Exclusion to exclude a significant portion of your gains from taxes.

By leveraging advanced tax strategies, you can revolutionize your approach to real estate investments. Taxes become less of a burden and more of a powerful instrument in your investment toolkit.

Connect with TAM Accounting today to schedule a consultation and uncover how our advanced real estate tax strategies can bolster your real estate investment performance.


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